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2 everyday items for a perfect textured style

February 15th, 2018 • Posted by Phil Edinger • Permalink

Director Jess is here to give you tips to perfect that Beachy textured look using a hot tool and products to create your look! Start by using a flat iron or curling iron, whatever tool you prefer to create your curls and apply Aquage Beyond Body Sealing spray to each section of hair as you curl. This provides heat protection, fights humidity and gives it shine! Also spray each section of the hair after you curl to give it hold with the Cat Walk Work It spray More...

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4 Steps to the silky smooth hair of your dreams

January 25th, 2018 • Posted by Phil Edinger • Permalink

It's winter and dry and cold and your hair is feeling all of it. Stylist Kylee is here to help smooth things out between your and your hair! 1)After washing and conditioning with your preferred shampoo and conditioner towel dry your hair then apply a Nickel size amount of the Smoothing Lusterizer to your mid length and ends. 2)Next put just a pea size amount of the Silky Smooth Serum at the ends of the hair. 3)Make sure it's lathered though out the hair More...

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5 Steps to a fuller voluminous style

January 11th, 2018 • Posted by Phil Edinger • Permalink

*Superstar queen for a day *Superstar thickening blow dry lotion *Aquage dry shampoo *Aquage volumizing fix hairspray For a gorgeous voluminous hairstyle you’ll want to use your favorite volumizing shampoo and conditioner and then it’s time to put in your styling products! 1) Apply the Superstar thickening lotion. You want to fill up about half of your palm and work through hair from roots to ends. 2) Apply the superstar queen for a day More...

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